Ways to save

Sport-Tec offers you various ways to save money.

Would you like to save as much as you can as cleverly as you can? Then you have come to the right place! Find out ways to make your shopping experience at Sport-Tec as cost-effective as possible and save money.

The points listed below can often be combined so that you can save even more money!

SALE items

As you have probably already noticed, there is a category on the navigation bar entitled "SALE%". Here you will find numerous items, their prices have been heavily reduced for various reasons.

It may be a display item or a model that has been discontinued. Sometimes you will also find one-off discount offers that are limited to specific stock. You can see from the relevant item description why each item has been reduced and if there are any signss of wear.

SALE items

Cheaper as a set

Many of our items, such as a sling table for example, require accessories or the right consumables to use them. To avoid having to order each item individually and at full price, we have attractive offers on sets for you.

Watch out for the red set symbol in the product picture and make the most of some great offers.

Free shipping above 99,-

Online you have the option to save the entire shipping costs for orders of € 99,- or more. Applies to online orders of qualified products, delivery within Germany.

Make intelligent use of our payment discounts

We offer our customers a great voluntary discount benefit. Pay in advance and get 3% discount.

The amount is automatically deducted from the value of the goods in your cart and is displayed accordingly. The effect of the discount on individual items can be seen on each product page in our shop.

Multiple order discounts

Would you like to buy more than one of any item and save money? Our attractive discount for multiple orders makes this possible. Look out for the multiple discount table on each product page and see exactly how much discount we give for the number of items ordered. With a simple click on the table or by entering a number in the quantity field, you can place the number of items you require in your cart.

Individual offers on your watch list

Not only can you save interesting products to your personal watch list, you can also request an individual quotation for your item selection at the click of a button. Simply click on the plus symbol for an item you are interested in and save it to your watch list. You can repeat this process as often as you wish. Once you have all of the products you want on your watch list, go to the list. You can then request a personal quotation with just one click.

Savings vouchers

In our online shop, you have the opportunity to obtain vouchers for goods of various sorts. If you, for example, rate a product following a purchase, you will receive a gift of € 5 (Minimum order value 50 €). You can then redeem the voucher online or over the phone when you place your next order.