Sustainability and environmental protection

Sustainability and environmental protection

We care alot about sustainability and environmetal protection. We feel responsible for the environment and the people and do everything we can to save natural ressources as well as support projects in order to help replacing used ressources.

Starting from catalogue production, daily processes at the workplace up to our online shop - we always consider the effects on our environment. On this page you can find information about sustainability, an overview about our measurements and the involvement of our partners

Catalogue production

For our catalogue production, are collaborating with Print&Forest. Print&Forest takes care to keep the CO2 emissions while catalogue production as low as possible. Still occuring emissions will be calculated during production process and new trees will be planted in endangered forests to compensate for it.

That way, the created emissions have been fully compensated. 43 new trees have been planted in the rain forest of Paraguy in the year 2020/21.

Environmental protection


Since 2003-01-01 our shop system is compensating 100% of CO2 emissions with the help of a certified climate protection project, therefore providing a complete climate neutral shop system. project Our on environmental protection specialized consulting company ClimatePartner analyzes the CO2 footprint of our company, starting from ressource consumption up to the employees daily approach routes.

To compensate emissions, a certified water treatment project is run to reduce CO2 emissions.

Environmental protection
Environmental protection


Regarding our distribution process for catalogues and goods we also focus on saving ressources. Especially for packaging we take care of packing the the distributed goods space-saving and with few packaging materials.

Still, the highest priority is packing the goods securely and shipping them undamaged to our customers to avoid returns of damaged goods and save CO2.

We trust our service provider DPD with the measurements of saving CO2, because we have been making positive experiences with DPD in terms of environemtal protection for years.

Environmental protection

Our partner: DPD

For instance, DPD checks on upcoming emissions caused by package delivery and tries to keep them as low as possible.

Still occuring CO2 emissions are neutralized by DPD by investing in projects for renewable power sources and clean energy generation. With this measures, your clients are receiving their orders climate neutral from DPD.

You can find more information about DPDs' sustainability projects here:

Climate protection project

The climate protection project for CO2 emission compensation is providing households in the west of Kenia with water filter systems and upgrades the access to clear drinking water.

With this help, there is no need of burning large quantities of fire wood like it was used to, which drastically reduces the CO2 emissions.

New projects

We do not only care about a sustainable development according to our daily work routine, but especially considering our company building. In regards of the construction of a new logistics centre, numerous insects and rare plants were resettled.

The warehouse is beeing build under the aspects of latest ecological standards, special materials and isolation which reduce the usage of heating ressources to a minimum. Modern warehouse logistical systems additionally reduce the usage of electricity.

To compensate for the electricity consumption, solar cells will be installed on the roof, just like on our existing company building.

Environmental protection
Climate-neutral shop
Climate neutral printing - Print & Firest
Climate-neutral shop
Climate neutral printing - Print & Firest

What is important to us:

Climate neutral printing

Compensation of CO2 emissions

Ressource saving shipment