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Sport-Tec: how it all began

Come on a journey with us through time to the year 1995 and discover how Sport-Tec was able to go from a one-man band being run from a garage to a leading mail-order company. Find out all the relevant facts using the time line that runs through the entire company history.

Illustration: The beginnings of Sport-Tec as a one-man business


When, in 1995, Manfred Motl set up as a "travelling salesman" in an one-man company selling educational toys to schools in southern Germany, nobody suspected that just a few years later he would become managing director of a Europe-wide mail-order company in the physiotherapy and fitness sector.


What began as a 16-page catalogue of products sold from a garage quickly found a customer base and by 1996 the first move to premises covering 60 square metres took place.

This year also saw the first strengthening of the workforce by 100% - Sport-Tec had its first official employee!

Illustration: Sport-Tec's first move and first official employee
Illustration: Second relocation and expansion of the storage area to 300 m²


One year later, the second relocation took place, to a warehouse covering 300 square metres, and the range of products in the field of physiotherapy and fitness was extended for the first time.


When this space was no longer sufficient, the 4-man company decided in 1999 to relocate to Münchweiler to a complex covering 1500 square metres.

Illustration: Relocation to Münchweiler in a 1500 m² company complex
Illustration: First Internet presence, the catalog comprises 220 pages with a total of 5000 products


The first website was created in 2000 under the domain name, forming the basic framework for today's online shop.

Over the years, Sport-Tec has expanded to become the leading mail-order retailer in Europe in the field of physiotherapy and fitness and is now based on a range of over 5000 products and a catalogue that runs to 220 pages.


By 2008, we had run out of space again! With 25 staff and a warehouse full to the brim, the company relocated to today's headquarters in Pirmasens, which cover an area of around 9500 square metres.

Here there is now room for well above 10,000 different products and 40 staff under one roof. And about 80% of the goods are always in stock.

Illustration: Relocation to the current company headquarters in Pirmasens, number of employees 25
Illustration: Expansion of the warehouse into a modern high-bay warehouse


In August 2013, the 6000 square metre warehouse in Pirmasens was extended to create a modern high-bay warehouse so that even more products could be accommodated.


From january 2019, Sport-Tec took over the exclusive retailing of the finnish company Lojer for Germany. Besides the high-quality products we also took over the technical support and replacement parts service for Germany.

Illustration: Sport-Tec takes over the exclusive distribution of the Finnish supplier Lojer for Germany
Illustration: Publication of the Sport-Tec app


In may 2019, the new Sport-Tec app was released and and is since then available as a free download for iOS and Android. With the app, our customers can order products fast and easy on the move, track their parcels and receive exclusive offers and news.


In autumn 2022, the new logistics center next to the company headquarters was put into operation. It includes a 3,800 m², fully automated high-bay warehouse with a capacity for 7,500 pallet spaces and 30,000 storage containers. A state-of-the-art intralogistics system from psb intralogistics controls and monitors all warehouse processes, including order picking.

Illustration: Commissioning of the state-of-the-art, fully automated logistics center in Pirmasens

The reason for the continued success of Sport-Tec is certainly its customer focus and quality standards, which are the company's top priorities.
The clientele includes hospitals, rehab clinics, practices in the fields of health and wellness and an increasing number of end consumers.

The company's reputable suppliers are located both in Germany and in Europe as a whole. You can find an overview of all our suppliers here.

We hope you enjoy your visit to,
Manfred Motl & the entire Sport-Tec Team!

Aerial perspective of the Sport-Tec GmbH headquarters in Pirmasens